Understanding Why, How And When To Flirt So You Can Up Your Game

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There are few people in the world who dislike flirting, as it allows us to let loose and be our charismatic selves. Of course, that's not to say we're all good at it, with, more times than not, both men and women leaving with nothing more than a larger bar tab after buying a strangers some drinks.

Sadly, when flirting as a single person, the main objective is to score. Sorry, guys, but until you admit that to yourself, you'll forever struggle. That's not to say you're a creep or anything, it's just the nature of the beast, as you approach a person in hopes of charming their pants off—quite literally. At the very least, swapping digits is considered a success, though.

While flirting can be great, have you ever wondered why how and when to actually do it, though? Thanks to a new YouTube video from The School of Life, you can now up your game to figure out the exact time you should make your move.


As the video points out, a good flirt is able to distinguish three things that, in essence, are all quite contradictory.

That's actually crucial and helpful advice, as it allows the person you're flirting with to feel accepted, while giving them the freedom to be themselves and not worry about whether or not you're really into them—or they're just the fifth person you've tried to take home that night.

Thanks to this video, you can go forth and become the fearless and successful flirt that you've always dreamt about—so we wish you luck in your conquests.

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