Untraditional St. Patrick’s Day Cocktails That'll Whet Your Whistle (And, Maybe, Bring Some Luck)

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When you think of St. Patrick's Day, there's a good chance you visualize getting lucky while drinking Irish whisky and wearing tons of green. While that's what most people do to celebrate the holiday, this year might be the perfect time to change things up a bit — because, really, who wants all those beer carbs or a killer whisky hangover, right?

Rather than down a bunch of straight Jameson and do your fair share of Irish car bombs, here are some untraditional St. Patty's Day cocktails you might want to try out. We promise you'll thank us.

Ginger Lime Mojito

Directions: In an ice filled Collins glass, add Sparkling Ice Ginger Lime, rum, and mint leaves, then stir. Garnish with a lime wedge and mint sprig and serve.

Gin Fitzey

Directions: Add gin, simple syrup, and lime wedges to shaker. Muddle. Add ice. Shake and strain into chilled glass. Add a splash of Sparkling Ice Lemon Lime. Garnish with lime twist.

Ginger Sage Cocktail

Directions: In a saucepan combine the honey and water over medium heat and bring to a light boil. Turn the heat down to low and simmer, stirring occasionally, until the honey has dissolved completely. Add the pears, ginger and sage leaves. Simmer, stirring occasionally until the mixture has reduced by 1/3 (about 15-20 minutes). Remove from heat and let the mixture steep for an additional 10 minutes. Strain the syrup into a large canning jar or thick glass bowl. Discard the ginger and sage leaves. Place a few pieces of the cooked pear into each stemless wine glass followed by 2 tbsps of the simple syrup. Add Santa Margherita Prosecco Superiore DOCG and serve.

Cucumber Lime & Basil Prosecco Spritzer

Directions: Muddle lime juice, basil and cucumber in a shaker glass. (For extra flavor infusion allow mixture to marinate in the fridge for at least one hour). Add ice and shake mixture. Strain the juice only (about ½ oz.) into a Prosecco glass. Top with Santa Margherita Prosecco Superiore DOCG and garnish with a basil leaf and cucumber slice.

Miner’s Cough (A Classic Twist On An Irish Coffee)

Directions: Combine all ingredients into shaker. Shake for 10 seconds. Strain in Rocks Glass. Top with Lager Whipped Cream. Garnish with Shaved Chocolate.

The Green Boxer

Directions: Shake with ice and strain into an ice-filled rocks glass.

The Reporita

Directions: Combine ingredients and muddle with Cilantro. Serve over ice in highball glass and garnish with Lime.

Hangar 1 Tomatillo Bloody Mary

Directions: Combine the tomatillos, tomatoes, the 2 cucumbers, 2 garlic cloves, 2 tablespoons of the lime juice, 1 Serrano chile, and 1 teaspoon kosher salt in a blender and process until very smooth, at least 30 seconds. To make one drink, place 2 cilantro sprigs in the bottom of a cocktail shaker and, using a wooden spoon or muddler, tap on the cilantro until it’s bruised. Combine 5 ounces of the Base with the vodka, the horseradish, hot sauce, Worcestershire, celery seeds, and juice from the lime wedge in a cocktail shaker. Add ice to fill halfway then stir with a bar spoon until the shaker is cold, about 10 stirs. Pour the drink and ice into a serving glass, garnish with any or all of the garnishes.

Hangar 1 Honeydew + Mint

Directions: Combine ingredients, shake and server over ice. Garnish with mint sprig and lime wedge.

Now go forth and enjoy St. Patrick's Day, friends — just do it responsibly no matter how you decide to get your booze on.

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