Man Recreates The Iconic Balloon Scene From 'Up' By Flying 16 Miles Across South Africa

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We don't suspect that a lot of you will admit to having seen Pixar's Up, but let's just go ahead and get the stigma out of the way. It's a great freakin' movie with a lot of important life lessons and if you didn't cry at some point — you have no soul. You can be the biggest, burliest man on the block and still appreciate a good animated tear-jerker. The two things are NOT mutually exclusive, guys. That being said, no matter how much you loved the movie, we sincerely doubt you'd go through all the trouble to recreate the iconic balloon scene. That's a bit extreme, no?


Well, as with all things in 2017 — extreme is the name of the game and this dude definitely deserves a medal. Below you'll find the video of Tom Morgan flying over South Africa and not going to lie, it was awe-inspiring. Really makes you think about *how much* exists out there in this big bad world. You know, outside of sitting on your damn couch mainlining Netflix.

Uh-mazing, right? Yep, we had a feeling you'd feel that way. Frankly, we've never felt lazier in our damn lives. Can you imagine embarking on a voyage like that? We don't even get up to change the channel when the remote goes missing. According to Fox News:

"Tom Morgan traveled nearly 16 miles across the countryside Monday at a height of 8,000 feet after spending two days filling the balloons with helium. Describing the experience to the BBC as 'unbelievably cool,' Morgan also admitted feeling "somewhere between terrified and elated" as he rose in the air. After several failed attempts in Botswana, Morgan headed to South Africa, and went for his final attempt just north of Johannesburg. "

8,000 feet in the damn air? Yikes! This Tom Morgan guy is a real gem. We'll definitely take his word on the experience being "unbelievably cool", but we don't think we'll be recreating the moment anytime soon.

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