Red, White And Booze: Favorite Drinks Of U.S. Presidents Over The Years

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If one thing can be said of Americans, it's that they like to D-R-I-N-K. We're not talking about Big Gulps of Coca-Cola (although, they love to indulge in those as well) here, we're talking about good ol' fashioned alcohol — beer, liquor, the fun stuff! Substances we very briefly attempted to make illegal, but hey, we all know how successfully that turned out.


Now, just because these men ran the country, doesn't mean they didn't like to indulge in a beverage or two after-hours! If anything, running the greatest country in the world (no matter WTF Trump thinks) entitles a person to certain proclivities for the drink, if you will.

As per Business Insider —"Mark Will-Weber, whose book Mint Juleps with Teddy Roosevelt: The Complete History of Presidential Drinking explores the stories behind each president's favorite alcoholic beverage."


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To see what all of the presidents drank, click HERE

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