Usain Bolt Made A Freakin' Boatload Of Cash Per Second At Last Year's Olympics During 100-Meter Dash

Image via Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt has long been known as the fastest man on the planet, so it's no surprise that he's currently wearing one gold medal around his neck—which he won during the 100-meter sprint the other night with a time of 9.81 seconds—with a chance to snag another couple first-place finishes in the 200-meter and 4x100-meter relay.

But Bolt's 100-meter victory is what has been getting the attention of the Internet lately, as he was literally photographed smiling pre-sprint as he raced towards the finish line, leaving opponents in his dust.

And, according to a report from The Sun, Bolt earned a hell of a lot of money while winning that race the other night.

Bolt, 29, has already amassed a $61 million fortune thanks to advertising and sponsorship deals. But his earnings will now soar to $71.7 million over the next 12 months alone as he trains less and focuses more on money-spinning tie-ups while moving into retirement.

When broken down into the 9.81 seconds it took for Bolt to win the 100-meter gold medal, marketing experts believe that Usain Bolt earned $6.5 million per second thanks to his current sponsorship deals.

And if you want to feel really bad about yourself, say you make a solid salary of $60,000 per year. Even if you work for the next 45 years straight, you'll still be $3.8 million behind the amount that Bolt earned per second in that 100-meter race at the Olympics. I'm going to go crack a beer and drown in my sorrows now.

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