Usher Reportedly Paid $1.1 Million Dollars After Failing To Disclose His Herpes To A Partner—That's Gotta Burn

Image Via Instagram/usher

Usher seems like a dude with a pretty sordid past, at least when it comes to his love life. With songs like, Let it burn and Confessions Pt. I & II, it's hard not to imagine him in a constant swarm of baby mama drama, heartache, and well, sex. To be fair, these songs came out umpteen-years-ago (2004, to be exact), so I'm sure things have changed for the world famous entertainer since then, right?

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Well, not so much, and reports of his latest and greatest scandal is a testament to that. I don't really like discussing Herpes, but that's what's about to go down, folks. As per the headline, you've already deduced it's rumored that not only does Mr. Peace Up, A-Town Down have herpes, he had to pay a woman $1.1 million dollars for failing to tell her. According to In Touch, as per Radar Online

"The document — which was filed in 2012 — states, 'Getting infected with genital herpes from Raymond has devastated [named redacted]. She feels that her health and body have been ruined. From the day she was infected continuing to the present, [name redacted] has suffered severe emotional distress and has been extremely depressed. In May 2012, she cried all the time and did not want to leave her house. Not a day has gone by where she does not feel desolation and despair about her herpes infection knowing that there is no cure. Her infection has destroyed her sense of self, wholeness, health, and beauty and she fears that she will never be able to have the type of relationship she had hoped for.”

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We've expressed this sentiment on NUMEROUS occasions here at FHM, but given the information we just relayed to ya'll, we'll do it once more for posterity. Sex is a wonderful thing—it's free (usually), it kills time, it generally results in an orgasm for both parties—solid stuff! However, to put yourself at risk by not being safe is not only discouraged but really, REALLY dumb.

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