Using This Free App, You Can Now Download Anything You Want To From Netflix (Not Just Limited Content)

Image via Mirror

Unless you've been hiding beneath a rock for the past few months—which is possible given the craziness this time of year—you probably know by now that Netflix announced last month that they will finally allow users to download content to their devices to enjoy from anywhere. This is a change from the previous platform, which required some sort of internet connection, restricting people from enjoying their favorite movies and TV shows on airplanes and in underground subways.

That sounded great to users, but, unfortunately, there came a little wrinkle—not all content would be available to download, meaning you'd have to wait till you had wireless connection to watch your go-to show or movie.

There's a solution for that now, though.

Since most Netflix content still isn't available for download, you might want to get your hands on the free app called, simply, "Free Netflix Downloader"—which, as you might expect, downloads any Netflix content you want.

Created by software developer DVDVideoSoft—a popular source for video downloading apps—the app is a savior for those who don't have the patience to watch what they really want, when the want, without restrictions.

While the Free Netflix Downloader app is free and easy to use, unfortunately, it doesn't support HD quality video yet, and it's also only available for Windows computers, meaning all you Apple users are still going to be forced to limited downloads from Netflix.

Until Netflix decides to make all content available to download, this sounds like the best option, so it's worth taking advantage of for those who have the capability to.


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