Valeria Gavrilovskaya's Being Called The 'World's Hottest Reporter' And We Most Definitely Agree

Introduce yourselves to Russian reporter Valeria Gavrilovskaya, a woman who has been making her rounds a lot over the past few days thanks to her insane attractiveness, which has led many to dub her as "the world's hottest reporter" — and it's hard to argue with that after peeping some of her Instagram pictures.


Valeria, who works for NTV, Russia's international news network, seems to have taken the distinction quite honorably, because the beauty recently agreed to pose for Maxim Russia, getting involved in a steamy photoshoot with photographer Yury Kolstov, who did not hold back in asking the brunette stunner to let nearly everything hang out.

Here are some of the pics Kolstov shot of Valeria Gavrilovskaya for the mag, via *Maxim Russia:

See, we promised you something sexy and, what do you know, we delivered thanks to some pictures that have us wondering if more will ever be released?

Over the years we've given you hot weather ladies like Yanet Garcia, Sol Perez and a few of our picks for the hottest TV anchors out there, but, man, now we're reassessing some of our picks after seeing all the goodness that Gavrilovskaya brings to.

While Valeria Gavrilovskaya doesn't quite have the social media presence one would think for someone with both her recognizable career, talent and, of course, good looks — seriously, only 6,800 Instagram followers, guys? — we've got a funny feeling that those numbers will only increase as more and more people continue to fall into a heavy crush for her, which, undeniably will happen after seeing more of her pics.

There might be some weird conspiracies from people about what's really going on over in Russia right now, but, for at least a few minutes, Valeria Gavrilovskaya puts some of those thoughts at bay — and we're really happy she does, because she deserves all of our undivided attention!

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