13 Reality TV Beauties To Follow On Instagram Right Now

Say what you will about reality television turning morons into celebrities — but don't ever knock the fact that most of these programs are not only HIGHLY entertaining, but literally dripping with beautiful women. Seriously, Bravo shows in particular more closely resemble that of a call back room at a modeling agency, than anything I've ever remotely seen in reality. Take Vanderpump Rules for example, a Bravo reality television show where most of the lovely ladies on this list hail from. The series itself essentially follows around a group of late 20s-early 30s, picturesque men and women living in Los Angeles and working at Lisa Vanderpump's restaurant, SUR. The plot? Not all that riveting, at least for men. Women absolutely love the show! The cast however? Very riveting for men!

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For those of you who don't know who Lisa Vanderpump is — shame on you. Lisa's claim to fame was her role on The Real House Wives Of Beverly Hills. She's a vivacious, spitfire of a woman with a uniform consisting of pink and diamonds. She's also incredibly generous and compassionate — she does a great deal of work for Animal rights as well as the LGBTQA+ community. Not going to lie, she's pretty damn fine for a lady of 56 years old. In fact, she definitely gives me some serious Elizabeth Hurley vibes

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Anyway, Lisa aside, the 13 women in the gallery below are definitely a bit younger, but just as damn fine. I don't anticipate any of you going off on your own to watch these shows, but the next time your girlfriend suggests Vanderpump Rules or a similar program of the like, you might wanna shut your trap and enjoy!

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