Vespa's 2018 Electric Scooter Is Definitely Worth Throwing On Your Holiday List

Image Via Piaggio

Is an electric scooter the most badass mode of transportation? No, not exactly, but that doesn't make this 2018 Vespa any less awesome. So what if you won't be channeling your inner Dominic Toretto, those movies are starting to suck anyway. Sorry, unpopular opinion. Moving forward, we know it would be awesome to wake up Christmas morning with a freakin' supercar in your driveway, but as with most holiday miracles — the odds are slim. It's time to let go of that childhood whimsy and get real!

Image Via Piaggio

We're not suggesting a Vespa isn't an elaborate gift, we're just saying it's a helluva lot more attainable than a sports car. We don't want to completely squash your dreams, just managed your expectations. Jesus, we're starting to sound like our mothers. Back to the scooter, according to The Verge:

"The Vespa Elettrica will have a range of 100 kilometers, or about 62 miles. Like with most electric vehicles, that number will be flexible, and will depend on how you ride it. But for comparison, 62 miles is about three times less than the 174-mile range of the 50cc Vespa Primavera, one of the most affordable scooters in the company’s current lineup."

Technically speaking this bad boy won't be hitting the market until after the holiday season, but we think a little delayed gratification is worth it for some of these amenities:

"The Vespa Elettrica has a 4.3-inch TFT color display between the handlebars that shows information like speed and range and charge level. A Vespa Elettrica app will allow users to connect to the scooter over Bluetooth so that the scooter can serve up messages and incoming phone calls. The app will also be able to relay diagnostic information about the scooter, as well as locate it on a map. Riders will even be able to trigger a phone’s voice assistant or control music, providing they have a Bluetooth-capable helmet."

Not gonna lie, those features are pretty legit and rival even the nicest cars nowadays. Plus, imagine how much easier parking would be with a Vespa?! Especially if you live in a crowded Metropolitan area like New York City or Los Angeles. Definitely something to consider asking Santa for this year, gentleman.

Lead Image Via Piaggio

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