27 Jaw-Dropping Victoria's Secret Moments In Honor Of National Be An Angel Day

It's no wonder the Victoria's Secret Instagram account has a whopping 56.4 million followers because seriously guys, have you taken a look? It's basically our life-blood. There's just something about smiling, bubbly, supermodels that we really enjoy, you know? They just make life seem worth living. Yes, we do realize how pathetic that sounds. Nope, nobody asked for your unsolicited opinion.

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Of course, all of these women are regarded as some of the most beautiful in the world but I've gotta say, there's more to these ladies than just pretty faces (and absolute perfect figures). In fact, I've got some pretty kickass quotes from VS models past and present that might just change your mind the "airhead model" stereotype. Also, there's two from Miranda Kerr, just giving you a heads up, deal with it.

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