A Roundup Of The Most Epic Video Game Villains (Because It's Monday And We Don't Want To "Adult")

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Whether it's movies, television, literature, or even video games — everyone loves the bad guy. In fact, that might be especially true of video game villains, because unlike in the movies, we tend to have a little bit more control over video games, or at least we'd like to think we do. That's why when we came across this thread discussing the most epic video game villains of all time, we just had to share them with y'all.

Not going to lie, the closer it gets to the holidays, the more we start to mentally check out of work. We definitely miss the days of fighting fictional characters in fantastical realms, instead of fighting our bosses, coworkers, and monthly bills in reality. Sigh, adulting is the pits. So today, we neglect all adult responsibilities and take a moment to talk video games!

Psycho Mantis


"Psycho Mantis was pretty amazing. While fighting him he would comment on the games on your memory card, how many times you've saved the game, progress made throughout the game, and has you change the controller's port. It was insanely clever."



"Kefka. Poisons an entire empire, murders a race of magical beings for their power, stabs his allies in the back, blows up the world, becomes the god of magic, and blows up villages from his tower just because he felt like it."

Doctor Nefarious


"Doctor Nefarious from Ratchet and Clank Up Your Arsenal."



"Arthas in Warcraft. Mostly because you see his descent into villainy. You see him compromise his morals step by step for his revenge until he has become the very thing he set out to destroy. At that point, all he cares for is power and nothing will deter him in having it. In many ways he is similar to Illidan, the second most epic video game villain."



"Bowser, for sho'."

Liquid Snake


"Liquid Snake. He was a clone. He had his own agenda, and even helped you along the way just to prove he was superior. F*cking brilliant."



"Kerrigan. She took the unstoppable Swarm, destroyed it, then rebuilt it up again stronger than before while simultaneously crushing her enemies to a point where they didn't even have hope. Especially given how she killed Duke and Fenix when she didn't have to, and caused Zeratul to kill the Matriarch."

Jiggly Puff


"Jiggly Puff in Super Smash Bros Melee. So atrocious as a character, it was evil."

Victor Branco


"Victor Branco in Max Payne 3. He's not hard to fight or all that popular. However, kidnapping poor people, killing them, and stealing their organs is pretty sick."



"Clockwerk from Sly Cooper. That dude was badass."

Do you guys agree with some of the heavy-hitters on this list? Anyone missing? Of course, we'd love to hear your feedback in the comment section, so feel free to let us have it! Personally, we were just relieved to see that reddit users put Bowser on there — he's the OG video game villain and always will be.

To read the full thread, head on ove r to reddit for more debate on the best villain(s) in video game history!

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