This Video Of Candy Melting To Classical Music Is Oddly Hypnotizing

Image Via YouTube

I'm not entirely sure what the human fascination with melting objects/food is. I get that in some weird sense, it's soothing (especially when featured with the reverse), but it's also showcasing destruction and ruin. Yes, I know it's just a gummy bear, but it still makes me feel like something is gone, forever by way of painful burning. Alright, that's a little dramatic, I know. But seriously, all I can think of is that Batman quote about some people just loving to watch the world burn.

Moving forward, I do think if you were under the influence of a mild hallucinatory substance, or even an edible, that this video would go from being weird to absolutely mind blowing (you know, as occurs with most things when taking drugs):



Right? I'm sure you see my point about the whole taking drugs before watching thing. I'm not entirely condoning it, I'm just saying. If you're so inclined to ingest such things, be sure to have this video queued up.

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