Demi Lovato's R-Rated Slang Words For The 'Lady Parts' Only Makes Us Crush On Her More

We've always been big fans of Demi Lovato, but that love affair just increased astronomically today after seeing her go onto The Ellen Degeneres Show as a guest—and it has more to do with what spewed out of her mouth than just how sexy she looked.

Joining Degeneres and Dhani Jones to take part in a segment called the "5 Seconds Rule"—where celebs battle Ellen in coming up with something to say based off of topics in just five seconds—Demi gave away a little bit too much, accidentally slipping up and saying some R-rated slang words for lady parts. Check out the hilarious video.


Put under pressure by Degeneres, Lovato had to list her "favorite curse words" and "nicknames for a woman's private parts," which, as you can see, she didn't fail at providing.

Not sure if we've ever heard of a vagina be called a "Becky," but, hey, what do we know?

Anyway, Demi Lovato announced that the Disney movie called Camp Rock—which she starred in back in 2008 with the Jonas brothers—is getting an R-rated sequel, hence the raunchier version of Degeneres' "5 Seconds Rule".

Look, we crushed all over Demi long before this, but, somehow, we think she's leaped up our list of favorite women—because nothing says sexy like hearing attractive women talk about lady parts, even if some of those terms are really, really bizarre.


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