Video Shows How Chicken McNuggets Are Made And It's Not Nearly As Gross As You Think

Image via YouTube

Although I eat healthy, for the most part, who doesn't love to splurge a little bit by going through some fast-food joint for a couple of greasy-ass burgers, salty french fries and a liter of cola to wash it all down with? Go ahead, just admit it.

And because so many people still have those cravings, they head to places like McDonald's, which, obviously, has one of the most questionable items on any menu—Chicken McNuggets—which have perplexed millions of people for years as to how they're made and what actually goes into them.

This video has given us our answer.

Well, there you have it, guys, real white meat chicken—not the beaks, feet and anuses we all probably expected we'd see, huh? OK, now who's hungry for some nugs?

H/T Unilad