Nicole Williams Is A WAG Who Just Broke Out Hearts By Tying The Knot (But We Can Still Look At Her Pics)

Admittedly, we don't know much about the reality TV show WAGS LA. But, after randomly coming across one of the leading ladies on the show, brunette stunner Nicole Williams, we had to do a little bit more digging into things. Naturally, after doing so, we found out that Nicole Williams is a 31-year-old from Toronto, Canada who's, possibly, capable of melting the polar ice caps because she's so sexy. And, of course, we just had to show off some of the WAGS LA star's greatest pics.

As you could imagine, Nicole Williams doesn't exactly hold back in flaunting her sex appeal on social media for her more than 1 million Instagram followers. Sure, we've got plenty of Instagram models to show off pretty much every single day, but Nicole doesn't want to limit herself to just being that. As someone with her own bikini line, Nia Lynn Swim, Nicole proves that — and this temperature-rising video is a great example!

But, like all good things, there's just a bit of a catch. In fact, it's kind of a huge catch — the WAGS LA star, Nicole Williams, just got hitched a few days ago, so, sorry fellas, but she's off the market now. It's a major bummer, but, hey, let us be the first to congratulate Nicole and her former NFL-playing husband, Larry English.

Anyway, even though Nicole has that big ol' "don't talk to me" ring on her finger now, doesn't mean we can't admire how gorgeous she is from afar — or through a computer or phone screen. So, do yourself a favor and go ahead and ogle over some of the photos of her below, because, with her long legs, incredible figure and piercing eyes, it doesn't get much better than Nicole Williams.

Lead image via Getty.

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