Wanna Know How To Get Rich? This Reddit User Just Shared Four Game-Changing Money-Saving Tips

We've all done it. Pay day comes around and before you know it, you've barely got enough to make rent next week.

An odd trip to pick up some chocolate here and there might not seem like it's costing you that much, but it all adds up.

That was just one of the tips bestowed upon reddit users in /r/personalfinance by a user who is no longer broke, for the first time in their life.

Without further ado, here's exactly how he advises you to start making more of your cash...

Don't let others pressure you

"I got myself into trouble time and time again because I let other people to pressure me to do things I can't afford. Living with my gf in a place which is way over my budget, having dinner dates too often, that kind of stuff. It's very hard to say no to a person you care about but you have to. Sounds easy [to cut back], but usually it's really really hard especially if you are on a tight budget already.

You get bored of fancy things really easily

"It might be really tempting to live in a fancy apartment, drive a nice car. You can imagine yourself waking up to the nice view from the 30th floor in the city center. But you know what? It's exciting during the first week only. Maybe the month. That's all. After that, it's just a regular thing you don't pay attention to but you keep paying for.

Small expenses are crucially important

"For some time, I've been working quite hard, was paid reasonably well, didn't make any major purchases and still I was totally broke. It was a bit depressing - I am working my ass off but still I can hardly afford basic clothes, my last shoes are leaking water and my feet are wet the whole day. I was spending A LOT of money on cheap crap every day. A can of coke, a chocolate bar, that kind of stuff. It seems like it's not that much, a few cents for a can, but multiply it by 365 and oops, we have problem. Before you notice it, it becomes a habit, like buying a can of coke every morning on the way to work.

Never stop thinking about increasing the income

"There's a limit to how much you can cut down the expenses. Try to learn something new every day, keep learning new skills. Just like small expenses on crap, it adds up to a lot. I've been able to double my salary in the 2 years, and regularly reading books, blogs in the evenings was a major factor.

Thank you, /u/TomFromStarbucks. We're off to rugby tackle the office vending machine.

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