Want Better Sex? Smoking Weed Might Be The Solution (According To Research)

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While there are other drugs of choice that people prefer to use while planning a hardcore romp sesh, new research has found that marijuana is actually one of, if not, the best to use to improve your sex life.

Most of us probably associate pot with laziness and food cravings, but thanks to a new study from the University of Catania, weed has been identified as quite the powerful aphrodisiac.

According to High Times, via supporting studies, for those who used cannabis prior to having sex, “roughly half the reported cases experienced aphrodisiac effects.” Even more surprising, according to the same study, 70 percent of pre-sex stoners said they experienced “enhancement in pleasure and satisfaction.”

Of course, that's assuming both people didn't smoke too much before having fun between the sheets.

So is pot really the new way to have the most pleasurable sex around? We're still not really sure—we don't often smoke it before a good romp—but, according to new research and continuous studies, it sure sounds as if it's the way to make your sex life better.

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