Wardrobe Malfunctions That Models And Celebs Played Off Like Complete Pros

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As we're all aware, especially when it comes to celebrity news and/or mishaps, wardrobe malfunctions are a common theme, with people falling victim due to sheer accident, some "forgetting" about taping their boobs down with some tape and others, well, blatantly doing one to get attention.

Regardless of how, where or why they happen, we have to admit it; we're pretty big fans of the whole wardrobe malfunction, as they give us a chance to ogle over some skin that's, for the most part, not supposed to be flashed.

And, since we love them so much, we're breaking down a few times when one of these unfortunate situations happened to models and celebrities, yet, remarkably, she played it off as only an absolute pro could!


While some of those models played off their malfunctions with grace — for the most part — we've seen some other incidents that were far more skintastic, with these celebrities falling victim to some of the most memorable ones in recent memory.

Chrissy Teigen

One of the most famous instances of a wardrobe malfunction came during last year's American Music Awards, when model Chrissy Teigen nearly showed everyone her, uh, "lady parts" after the slit in her dress came a wee bit too high. Hey, we're not complaining... although, it had to be a bit of an awkward moment for her.

Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski, everyone's favorite brunette stunner, made it big-time, in part, because she danced around topless in Robin Thicke's 2013 banger, "Blurred Lines." Still, even after EmRata's been known to casually (and proudly) show lots of skin, she wasn't exactly hoping to do that during this year's Golden Globes, which saw her yellow dress fly up and reveal exactly the type of panties she prefers to wear.

Nicki Minaj

In case you hadn't heard, singer Nicki Minaj had the most recent wardrobe malfunction on this list, with hers taking place just the other day during an appearance at this year's New York Fashion Week. While in attendance at the Marc Jacobs show, the 34-year-old Minaj's low-cut black dress slipped down past her nipple and, boom, everyone got a free, little peep show.

Mariah Carey

C'mon, now, how could we put together a wardrobe malfunction list and not include 47-year-old pop singer Mariah Carey, who, over the years, has given us a ton of memorable "accidents" like this that they could be it's own article! Carey, who has never been shy about showing off her wicked curves for all of us to stare at, suffered a brutal malfunction in late 2016 when,

Jennifer Lopez

We've gone on record as saying that 48-year-old singer and actress Jennifer Lopez has been one of our biggest crushes ever since, oh, about 1999 when we first saw her in the music video for her song, "If You Had My Love". A bonafide A-lister these days, J-Lo still has her forgettable moments, however, as she suffered a wardrobe malfunction while performing last year after the one-piece she was wearing split, revealing a lot more than she bargained for. Oh well, she played it off as best she could.

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