Watch A Green Beret Take Out A Guy In Just One Second

In an abandoned military outpost in the Upper Amazon, all eyes were on the fight which was about to kick off.

In the video, uploaded by YouTube user Jared K, a supposed US Army Green Beret is harassed by a visibly angry man, thought to be a Peruvian Special Forces officer.

As the crowd jeer them on, the Peruvian goes to strike the Green Beret, but after a mere second, he launches a move that ends the fight in one blink-and-you'll-miss-it swoop. The Peruvian soldier is then seen being carted off, crying out in pain.


In what appears to be an interview with the MMA.TV site, the former Green Beret said this:

“Eyes are my favorite target, for a lot of reasons. What you couldn’t see in this video was that we were fighting in a human circle, surrounded by support staff and other Peruvian Special Forces soldiers. I was there alone, with nobody to watch my six. The intent on the straight finger to the eye was to freeze his base, and try to get him to pull his head back, which is what usually happens. In this case, he didn’t pull his head back because he had already fully committed to his movement.”

The move is thought to be an eye-gouging technique called the San Soo Death Touch used in Kung Fu San Soo. Described as the mother of all martial arts, Kung Foo San Soo has been taught and practised for thousands of years. It uses not just punches and kicks, but all parts of the body and the mind.

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