Guy With A GoPro Jumps Off A 200-Foot High Cliff (And Somehow Doesn't Die)

Image via RedBull

Ready for your productivity to jump off a cliff?


This video from Red Bull will be the cause of that. The company, best known in recent history for kicking Felix Baumgartner out of a spaceship, have done it again—and, dear lord, will it make your eyes water.

Laso Schaller, the man in the video, smashes the world record for cliff diving, leaping off a 200-foot cliff into water that's just 26-feet deep! Laso surfaces after a few seconds, but he did dislocate his hip for a short while when first plunging into the water.

Thanks to the magic of attachable camera equipment built for just about anything, you can take the jump with him.

Yeah, the 30-foot diving board at your local swimming pool doesn't look so bad now, does it?

Image: Red Bull

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