Adults Describe What It's Like To Catch Their Parents 'Going All The Way' And Oh, The Horror!

Image Via YouTube/WatchCut Video

WatchCut's YouTube channel is the most cringeworthy, yet highly entertaining viewing experience on the internet today. Anyone who disagrees can fight me. There's such a wonderful dichotomy between feeling completely sorry for the participants while simultaneously hoping for the interaction to get more and more embarrassing.

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This week's episode was no exception as adults sat down to discuss some pretty unappealing circumstances with their parents. Yup, they had to detail what it was like to catch their parents in the act of love-making (ew, did I really just say that?) Take a look, you guys won't be disappointed!

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Personally, and THANKFULLY, I don't have a scarring story of my own to share, but I do have a pretty funny second-hand anecdote on brand to share. So one of my best friend's has what I like to call an "open-book mom." There's nothing you can't talk to her about and she's managed to straddle the line between friend and parent successfully for years. She's warm, yet honest, no sugarcoating, no bullshit. Truly, she's an amazing lady.

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HOWEVER, that sort of openness isn't a one-way-street. You can't very well expect your mom to listen to all of your escapades without a little reciprocation now and again. That being said, every St. Patrick's Day she texts her daughter wishing her a happy day of conception! That's right, on a day that's supposed to be full of green beer and poor decisions, she's reminded that her parents partook so heavily in the festivities that they decided to conceive a child!

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