A Bunch Of Women Told Us Their 'Magic Number' (And The Answers Were Quite Surprising)

Things are going great with your new ladyfriend. You’ve wined, you’ve dined; you’ve even made it into her address book with a love heart emoji next to your name. And then, it happens. “So, what’s your magic number?” she says casually, causing you to splurt scolding hot tea all over yourself. It’s the chat that strikes fear into every man’s heart.

Unfortunately, it’s a lose-lose situation. Too few, and you’re a fumbling amateur, completely under-qualified to even take off your own trousers. Too many, and you’re a dirty player who is bad news and far too risky to enter into a relationship with. What the hell are you to do?

Well, we were done with the ambiguity. We felt it was time to seek out an answer. So, in the name of sexual clarity, we hit the streets to investigate. And it turns out racking up the bed post notches isn’t quite as detrimental as we first thought…

“I’d pretend I wouldn’t mind if he’d slept with less people than me, but if I’m honest, I would,” says 20-year-old Maria. Surprisingly, the idea of blokes being less promiscuous is a real lady-boner killer. Charlie, a 26-year-old teacher, admits she finds it “weird” if a guy’s magic number is less than her’s, as does Tracy, her best friend, who says, “I’d tell a boy mine was 15, but I’d expect his to be more. It’s better that way, and you know someone has got [his sleeping around phase] out of his system.”

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule. Alexa, a 20-year-old American, tells us, “Sex is sacred, and two is my number. I was shocked when my boyfriend told me he was at 12!”

However, from all the girls we spoke to, this overriding theme became clear: girls expect you to have slept with more people than they have. Brilliant news for you easy-going gents out there.

But what about those of us who aren’t quite so promisicous? We could start off by asking what the female magic number is. So, we went back on to the streets to find out for you…

Anna, 23, Russia

“My boyfriend knows my magic number, and I’m happy with it. Seven is a good number for guys.”

Lora, 32, Bulgaria

“I’m at 16. I travelled a lot when I was younger. Between 20-30 for men is fine with me.”

Alexis, 22, USA

“Sex is special, not just something to do at the weekend. Ideally, a guy would come in between four and seven.”

Anna, 22, Russia

“Hmm, let’s go with between eight and 14 for a man. I’m at seven, but I’d probably tell people it was three.”

Belen, 19, Spain

“Yes, four is my real number! I’m still young. Ten is a good one for men, and hopefully less than 20 if he was younger than 25.”

Laura, 33, London

“I’m happy to say my number is five, sure. A guy’s number? I’d be OK if he was double me, so 10.”

Maria, 20, Russia

“I think my number is average for my age, but I wouldn’t be shocked if a guy told me he was at nine.”

Desiree, 23, London

“Two is the honest truth, and I’m happy with it. Anything is fine for men, but probably between three and 10 is best.”

Charlie, 27, Nottingham

“I don’t mind at all what a guy’s number is. Maybe between 20-30? I wish mine was slightly less, though!”


Magic numbers: how did you fare?

An impressive 10,000 of our male readers got vocal in our magic number survey. See how you measure up to your fellow man….

20% said their magic number was 11-20, making it the most common response

1-5 was the second highest, with 18% admitting it to other people

52% felt totally happy with their magic number

20+ was the magic number most of you said would turn you off a girl, but “It doesn’t make a difference” was the most common response when asked if a guy’s should be higher than a girls

7% told us they’ve slept with more than 100 women

3/5 believe it’s OK to lie about your number

41% admit to shaving a few off your number when telling a girl

2/5 told us a girl’s magic number was a deal-breaker in a relationship