A Cam Gal Spilled The Goods On The Weirdest Requests She's Ever Heard

Image via Ryan Dwyer // Main Street Productions

Remember last week when we told you about the legal call girl who detailed some of the crazy things she's had requested to her? That got us thinking, which is why we reached out to a cam girl named Viking Barbie, who can be found doing very sexy things on a certain app that rhymes with "Trap-Sat." (wink, wink)

While Viking Barbie's hobby isn't quite as risque as the aforementioned call girl's, she's still seen her fair share of wild requests and strange fetishes—so we asked her to share some of them with us as photographer Ryan Dwyer of Main Street Productions snapped pics of her.

What's The Strangest Request Someone Has Ever Asked You To Do?

"The strangest request I've gotten has probably been the guys who have asked if I could pretend to be their sister or something super taboo like that. I don't usually take personal requests because my "camming" is through an app... so it's a little different, but I get people asking anyway. While it's a little strange to do those shows, it doesn't bother me; I'm a free spirit and quite kinky, so I enjoy weird."

Any Weird Fetishes That Even Freaked You Out?

"I actually like to cater some of my shows to fetishes, just because I like to make everyone happy... plus it's fun! I do foot fetishes, role play and Dom stuff. It's pretty hard to freak me out, but there are certain fetishes that are difficult to do—like anything with feces or vomit, no thank you—that's about it, though, because I try to stay pretty open minded."

Where's The Weirdest Place Someone's Wanted You To Perform?

"[laughs] Well, I do public shows at least twice a week! I find the gym, bathroom or dressing rooms the most exciting places. Someone asked me to do a full public show with no cover once, which weirded me out since, you know, I'm not really interested in being a registered sex offender, buddy."

**How's Your Job Affected Your Dating Life, If At All?

"It doesn't affect it at all. I'm a loyal and honest girl, which people who really know me understand. I'm also not promiscuous by nature, even though I love to entertain and am wild! But, I'm a serial monogamist and incapable of sleeping around, so I'm kind of a unicorn. Sure, I'm a total exhibitionist, but my job is just that, a job, and guys I date know that."

Is There One Thing You Would Never Do During A Performance?

I would never sacrifice my comfort for a show. So, if something made me feel awkward or wrong, I just won't do it. Sorry, boys.

Any Advice To Guys On How To Get More Of Your Attention?

They can go to VikingBarbie.com and subscribe to get all kinds of attention. I personally talk to members and send pics back and forth on occasion. I also have an Instagram/Viking.Barbie that they can follow in order to see updates and pics, so don't be shy, guys!

All Images provided by Ryan Dwyer and Main Street Productions