The Reasons Some Guys Think They're Single Are Pretty Sad (But We've All Got Insecurities, Right?)

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Being single has its benefits, but, as I've mentioned before, being in a committed and fun relationship is typically the end goal for most guys. I mean, hell, if George Clooney—the ultimate bachelor—can swear of being single to marry someone, isn't that a sign that we all have it deep in us to want the same?

Unfortunately, just because we want something doesn't always mean we get that something, as finding the right person can be difficult. Whether it's just a bad match, an experience that drives us men to want to stay single or some other factor for not committing to a partner, a few guys took to Reddit to reveal their reasoning—and I'm guessing most of us can relate to them.

  • "The whole courtship thing sounds like a real drag and I'm way too lazy and content with being single to change that. I did try online dating a few times but it kind of feels like you need to have absolutely zero self respect for that to work out. It was like when the recession hit and you're a university graduate but even McDonald's aren't getting back to you."


  • "I'm 25, I make decent money bartending and I'm just living life the way I want to. Having fun, video games and junk food whenever I want, plus I'm moving to Oregon in about a year. Just taking life at my leisure. If something happens and I meet someone so be it, but I'm not actively seeking companionship."


  • "Being fat and shy surely isn't helping me out."


  • "Freedom. Insecurity. My mom racked up 6 divorces, my dad had 4. Just working on my career for now. If love happens, it happens. The likely (real) answer is that I don't put myself in positions to meet new people, and dating apps suck."


  • "I am very bad at picking up on signals."


  • "I've just stopped trying. I'm too awkward to connect with most people on a romantic level, and the times I have connected with someone, they've almost invariably turned out to be toxic in one form or other. I do get lonely, but I've found that's a lot less painful than either rejection or just being with a very wrong person."


  • "Ever heard a girl say: "Damn a hunchback is dead sexy!"? Me neither."


  • "I know that I don't really want to try but I also know I don't want to be alone, and there's also a great deal of social pressure for me to find someone (I'm 27, male). And the clock is ticking cause every day I don't try is a day further away from my prime dating market years. So as much as I don't want to, I feel like I have too because I'll never have a better chance than now and I'll feel like shit if I don't. But even so, I just...don't want to. My heart isn't in it. So I'm having to treat it like the gym. "Just force yourself to go and keep going and one day maybe you'll start liking it."


  • "Because I suck dick at text communication and I'm shy when it comes to meeting complete strangers (i.e. - on the street, grocery store, bus stop, I just can't initiate a conversation, scare myself shitless). Then, when situations do come up where I can meet someone new (like a party), we usually get along great and have plans to hang out again, but then once I send a text or two it's over. This also rules out online dating or anything like that. Then my friends pretty much all moved away. Dammit, I'm lonely, but at least if I get this job I just interviewed for I'll have a work schedule that will allow me to join clubs, so that would be nice."


    Look, being in a relationship where you can grow and experience things together is great, but being single isn't the worst thing in the world—as long as you know how to appreciate it. Plus, as they always say, things tend to happen when you least expect it, so don't get down if you're not "choosing" to be in a relationship, guys, it'll happen at some point.

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