We Found The Sexy Playgirl Who Made 36 Million People Watch Calvin Harris' Summer video On Repeat

Earlier on this month, you might have noticed Calvin Harris doing what he does best and storming to the top of the charts with his 6th #1, Summer.

Which is pretty good going for the Scottish pop DJ man, as is also the fact that he’s currently going out with Rita Ora. A lady so hot she could melt the sun and then drink it through a straw.

Which probably makes you wonder why we’re talking about Calvin Harris?

Well, if you were aware of all of this happening, you probably also at some point found your eyeballs glancing over the video. And while watching said video you probably turned to yourself and said: “Who the hell is that girl?”

You know, the one who's looking all sexy and sultry throughout the whole thing.

Well here’s what we know.

And here’s why you’ll love her beautiful face off…

She sometimes looks like an actual 50s pin-up.

She can deadlift better than you.

In fact, she’s miles better at exercise in general.

And knows how to stay cool.

She attracts sunbeams like a magnet.

Her hair should be in a shampoo advert.

She once took what is arguably the greatest ‘morning selfie’ in the history of mornings.