Love Fantasy Football? The Funniest Team Names We Could Find Will Have You Sacking The Competition

Image via YouTube

Summer might be winding down, but all that means is that football season is nearly here, giving guys something to do four days out of their week by posting up on the couch and watching games. And while watching the NFL is great, when someone plays fantasy football, it makes it so much more interesting.

But just playing in a league with buddies and co-workers isn't enough—even if you are the reigning champ—because part of winning is having a kickass name that's both clever, witty, punny and will crack the entire league up.

Since we always love to see what the Internet can come up with—and, admittedly, are stumped to come up with our own—here are some of the funniest fantasy football names that people posted on Reddit to help inspire your own for this upcoming season.

Now, don't go stealing these and making them your own, that'd just be worse than the infamous buttfumble.


You can check out a few other team name suggestions on Reddit here and here. Happy playing, guys!