Foul-Mouthed Weatherman Just Can't Stop Saying 'C*nt' On Live TV

Image via YouTube

A lot of crazy stuff happens on live TV—which is why we seem to write about it so often and give you funny moments when the cameras are rolling. But this, right here, is something that we never thought we'd see much of.

That's because a New Zealand weatherman named Matty McLean may have literally lost his mind, as he had trouble gathering his thoughts and getting the word "country" out of his mouth while describing his experience seeing Adele in concert. Let's just say he abbreviated that "C" word to one that's a lot more NSFW.


McLean does a decent job at covering up his mistake once he realized what he's done, but, too late, Matty, because the damage has already been done and the world knows you're a serial "C" word user.

While the word choice that Matty McLean used is one deemed too inappropriate for television, we've got a hunch he won't be punished from his employer for the accident.

That said, this is part of the reason why live TV is awesome, because a little stumbling over words can become a viral sensation—and we love it for that reason.


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