This Couple Took #RelationshipGoals To A Whole New Level After Losing A Combined 400+ Pounds

Image via Instagram/fatgirlfedup

Here at FHM, we've covered our fair share of weight loss transformations, but this couple definitely takes the cake — or, erm, better yet, protein shake. Lexi Reed and her husband Danny from Terre Haute, Indiana decided one New Year's Eve that it was time to make a change.

At her heaviest, Lexi was 485 pounds and Danny was 280 pounds. Through hard work, dedication, and their love for one another they were able to rally and lose an incredible amount of weight. The evidence below speaks for itself — truly, losing that much weight without surgery or a personal trainer is inspiring!

Pretty incredible stuff, huh? If any of y'all are considering making weight loss your newest goal consider this the only #Fitspo you'll need! As Lexi said: "You won't always have the time — you will have to make the time. Tomorrow is a new day. Never give up on yourself & keep fighting my friends!"

All Images via Instagram/fatgirlfedup


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