Weird Products You Can Buy On Amazon That Will Save You A Sh*t Ton Of Money

OK, so, considering the fact it's 2018, what is "weird", anyway? It's a pretty of a subjective term, don't you think? Instead of pigeonholing ourselves, we decided to open up the definition a bit. These weird things to buy on Amazon won't just be weird in the "conventional" sense, got it? For example, it's not weird to buy sex toys, but, it's definitely weird to buy sex toys on Amazon — especially if your family has a shared Prime account. Disclaimer: there are no sex toys on this list, sorry.

The best part about these weird products is that they'll actually end up saving you a sh-t ton of money. Seeing as a "sh-t ton" isn't a standard measure, let's just go ahead and revise that to a lot. These products will save you a lot of freakin' money. From cosmetic procedures to criminal charges, we've got you covered.

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