All Nude Cruises Are A Thing, If You're Looking To Drop Trou And Travel

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Alright, so technically speaking nude cruises are 100% a REAL thing! However, there's a catch when it comes to this one—you've gotta be in a couple. I know, I know, how annoying. Here's the thing though, the more I think about, the more dangerous it sounds to allow single people to walk around naked, so perhaps it is best to stipulate people should be romantically involved. It lessens the possibility of disaster. It's always nice to have someone watching you're naked back.

According to The Daily Star—"After a popular first voyage, the adults-only Desire Cruise has decided to come back for round two. Embarking in April 2018, the cruise will travel from Barcelona to Rome via other European cities like Provence in France, Monte Carlo in Monaco, and Portofino in Italy."

Uh, sounds pretty amazing, if you ask me!! They continued—"The cruise, operated by the same company that runs two swingers resorts in Mexico, includes adult entertainment which promises to, 'take your relationship to the next level, living out your forbidden fantasies through intimate, couples’ workshops, signature theme nights, and racy daytime activities and events, all designed for socially sophisticated, experienced players.”

Amenities include—

Alright, so how much does a trip like this cost?? I mean, at least you won't have to spend money on any additional outfit options, right? "The remaining rooms range from $2,700 per person for the seven-night trip to $10,996 per person."

Oh, and if nude traveling isn't really for you, here ya go! You can save money and keep your clothes on:



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