What Are Women Around The World Really Saying About The Size Of Your Johnson?

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It's pretty common place for humans as a whole to exaggerate their shortcomings. Who hasn't told a little white lie (for one reason or another) to support the notion that perhaps they're a wee-bit better (or bigger) than they appear to be.

The problem however, is that as with everything in this life, there are loop-holes and ultimately, ways of getting caught in those seemingly harmless white lies.

The biggest perpetrator of calling bullshit on these fallacies is science. Ya can't deny facts, my friends.

If you haven't already gathered by both the title and opener, we're talking about dudes lying about their penis size. Again, I'm not judging, but when faced with straight up statistics, it's unfortunately time to call mankind's bluff.

SaucyDates had the ingenious idea of conducting a comparative study. They couldn't very well measure live erect penises, right? So, they did the next logical thing. They asked men, "What is the size of your penis?" They countered that by asking women, "What was the size of the penis of the last man you had sex with?"

The chart below indicates the percentage occurrence of male to female variation in describing penis size. For example, if a man suggests he has a penis size of 8 inches or larger, there's a strong possibility that's untrue.

Simply put, they took the average of both those answers and analyzed them as followed:

They even created a clever photo with a phallic vegetable to make it idiot proof to understand:

Infographic courtesy of Saucydates.com

The most interesting thing to take from the study is not just that men lie about penis size often, but that it varies from country to country! American men believe themselves to be the biggest in the world while women in India suggest that the men are 3.8% bigger than they claim to be! Even men in Canada are underestimating their size. It almost calls into question if penis size expectations are cultural.

To read the full study, click here

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