Are Your Dreams Normal? See How They Compare To The Average Sleeper's Dreams, Per Study

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When it comes to dreaming, it's difficult to label what's considered "normal" versus "abnormal". After all, dreams are generally a manifestation of a person's subconscious. That being said, when researchers study dreams and implore dream analysis, they do notice certain patterns among sleepers. For example, Mattress Advisor asked over 1,200 Americans to describe their dreams and what they found were a lot of similarities among certain demographics of people. By using this study as a means of comparison, you can loosely determine if your dreams are "normal" based on your age and gender.

Common Highlights Of Men's Dreams

Common Highlights Of Women's Dreams

The data above was collected from men and women ages 18 to 81, with a mean of 57. That's a pretty solid survey group, if you ask us. Which means, the percentages you read above are a good indication of what "normal" dreams, and even nightmares, look like. If you're noticing that your dreams stem outside of these patterns, perhaps doing some outside research/analysis is necessary.

To read the full study, head on over to Mattress Advisor.

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