Seeing What Fast Food Does To The Body Makes Us (Almost) Never Want To Eat It Again

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Do you guys really want to know the answer to, "What does fast food do to your body?" or should we just skip the research altogether and get a burger? Sigh We wish that were a possibility, but, we really feel like it's our responsibility to inform the male masses that those quintessential hangover meals, like McDonalds and Burger King, are, well, erm, killing you. OK, it's not that bad, but it's pretty freakin' bad. In fact, some medical publications have even suggested that eating fast food is like giving your body a bacterial infection. Woof! That is not a pretty picture.

Anette Christ, a researcher from the University of Bonn explained two key concerns in what's called a "Western diet" (high-fat and high-calorie foods). The first, which they saw when tested on rats, is that it causes an immediate induced systemic inflammation — again, like a bacterial infection. The second, is that the body actually has a permanent genetic response to eating fast food, similar to when it recognizes a dangerous pathogen. Colloquially speaking, when your body sees that you're ingesting fast food, it starts preparing for war. This over stimulation of your immune system can lead to health problems ranging from diabetes to heart problems.

We recognize that staying away from fast food forever might be difficult for some people. It's cheap, convenient, and frankly speaking, delicious — don't even try and deny that last bit. Our advice? As with everything in life, moderation is key. There are countless studies on the effects of alcohol, marijuana, sex, video games — man, the list is endless. If you give up everything that makes you happy, well, what's the point? Just don't eat a Big Mac every day, OK?

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