Think Twice Before Hitting Send: What Your Emojis Are Really Saying To Women

I think when it comes to texting, things can get really awkward, really fast. You can't see someone's face or hear their inflection and thusly there's a STRONG chance things are going to get miscommunicated.

As with most things in relationships, getting to know someone's "text style" takes time. For example, my boyfriend and I have determined that if we're arguing we are NOT allowed to text each other. I mistake his more subtle, less-is-more texting style as passive aggressive and then I freak out by hurling novel-length insults at him until he wants to break up with me. THEN we speak on the phone or face-to-face and it's all forgiven. Why? Because texting is unnatural. To be fair, perhaps I'm a bit of a nut, but that's besides the point, no?

Until you've gotten to know a girl's texting style and she, yours. You may want to be careful about what sort of emojis you're sending. Again, UNLESS you know someone these can send the wrong signals ...or the right ones, depending upon what you're going for.

I'm under the impression that most of these emojis have universal names. if you don't recognize the name, no worries, just click it. It will take you to a picture—you're welcome.

Heart Eyes

Personally, huge fan of the HEE (heart eyes emoji). I think it summarizes emotion very quickly without me having to explain to my friend on Instagram whether she looks hot, gorgeous, or pretty. The HEE takes care of it all. When guys use it though...eh. It gets a little lackluster. I think in response to a picture, it's BS. Just use your words, big boy. It's nicer when your lady says something that makes your heart feel tingly and then you use it.

Tongue Out

It's actually a tongue out coupled with a wink. Sort of like the permanent face of Miley Cyrus until like, last week actually. I don't think this emoji should really be coupled with any sort of sexual conversation. To me, it makes more sense next to something like—"I'm playing hooky from work today." If this emoji were a person, it would be your friend who does drugs on a Tuesday (morning).

Winking Face

This emoji was designed for the sole purpose of being flirty, right? WRONG! The winky-face can also be used to convey feelings of playfulness or joking. You need to use it wisely and sparingly with a woman via text, ESPECIALLY if you're not interested in her. Otherwise, she might get the wrong idea. If you are into her, you have more allowance, but don't make it weird. Why do men always make it weird??


Are you making eggplant parm for dinner? No? Then don't send this emoji to a girl you've just met. Why do men feel the need to get all phallic? Granted it's MUCH more acceptable than an actual dick pic...but maybe just leave this one alone, okay?

Thumbs Up

Back to my initial anecdote about passive aggressiveness, this particular emoji screams that! I really can't tell you why other than the fact that how often do you use the thumbs up in real life? The only time I use it is when I'm driving and someone pisses me off. I'm too polite to flip them off, so I give the—"way to go you f'in POS thumbs up." I guess I'm not that nice after all.

I'll throw in some honorable mentions for good measure in a basic: "use" or "do not use" breakdown.


Do Not Use

I'm very aware of how ridiculous this seems, but its not my fault. I had nothing to do with the creation of emojis, nor did I make them mainstream. I'm just trying to help a brother out, you know?

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