Whatever Happened To Steve-O? Apparently, He's Still Stuck In 2008

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MTV's Jackass was the most popular show on the channel back in the year 2000, and its rapid popularity made many of its stars household names, from Johnny Knoxville to Bam Margera. But remember Steve-O, the skinny dude who would get naked and literally do anything? Yeah, what happened to that guy?

Steve-O isn't seen as much on TV or in films anymore now that the Jackass franchise is over. After a brief stint in rebab for drug abuse, the star silently battled many inner demons that later landed him in a mental institution in 2008. But what happened after that is even crazier.

Check out the video to find out where he's been hiding all this time (apparently right under our noses).

In 2017, Steve-O was injected back into the spotlight after a stunt for his comedy special went seriously awry. The Jackass star laid down in a bed of jet fuel, lit it on fire, and then made "fire angels." If you're wondering what "fire angels" are, they're just like snow angels except, you know, fatal.

Although the stunt resulted in severe burns all over his body, so bad the boils obscured most of his tattoos, the news sort of made him a household name again as fans followed him on Twitter and Instagram where he gave updates on his condition.

"My new comedy special is truly the next level of crazy and awesome," he wrote on Instagram. "I finally have an answer for the one question I've been asked BY FAR the most: 'which stunt hurt the most?; The answer-- 'Fire Angels in my living room at my house.'"

Well duh, Steve-O. He's currently feeling better and still selling tickets to his crazy shows, which are sure to be sold out by now.

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