What Is A Superset? A Personal Trainer Told Us (And It Can Really Benefit Your Workout)

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We're here today to talk about an incredibly useful health and fitness tool called super-setting. More specifically: what is a superset? What is a superset workout routine? Are there supersets for biceps? Supersets for shoulders? How about supersets for arms? Believe us, this is going to be an extensive overview in all things superset exercises. By the end of this piece you'll practically be a walking superset how to guide...


We went ahead and sat down with personal fitness trainer, Joe Visaggio. Joe offers a multitude of services from online coaching and meal planning to a conjugate program where he guarantees results to be bigger, stronger, faster, more cut and most importantly, more powerful.

Simply put, from training to nutrition, the man knows his stuff. You can go ahead and check out his Instagram for additional information, as well as his personal website.



Remember, it's important to trust in the professionals and not take matters into your own hands! Improper training can lead to all sorts of irreparable physical damage. This doesn't mean you have to workout at the gym. Home workouts can be just as effective, permitting you've been properly informed.


Now sit back, relax (for now) and learn how you can incorporate super-setting into your everyday fitness routine. We promise the benefits outweigh the physical exertion.

What Is A Superset?

"A superset combines two different exercises back-to-back with little-to-no-rest. You can choose to do two exercises that work opposing muscle groups (biceps/triceps, chest/back, quads/hamstrings) or exercises that target the same muscle group. Superset training can be used by most people (depending on their goals), ranging from beginners to the experienced."

Superset Workout For Chest

"The single body-part superset is the typical type of superset where you use two different exercises back to back targeting the same body part. For example — A. Incline Dumbbell Chest Flys, B. Pushups."

Supersets For Arms/Supersets For Biceps

"Supersets can also be utilized to target opposing (antagonists), or completely unrelated muscle groups. For example — A. Dumbbell Bicep Curls, B. Tricep Rope Pulldowns."

What Are The Benefits Of Superset Exercises?

"Supersets are time-efficient. Instead of performing an exercise and resting before you perform another set, you can optimize your time by doing another exercise in the otherwise rest interval.

"Also, by performing different muscle group exercises back-to-back you can boost intensity levels and increase heart rate (essentially burn more calories) while you let the opposing muscle group recover. The increased activity level and volume can help you lose weight faster."

"I like to incorporate supersets into all of my client programs. Unless the goal is strictly muscular strength, the benefit of super-setting is vast."

From a trainer's mouth to your ears, er well, eyes. From losing weight faster to optimizing workout time, it shouldn't take much else convincing to persuade y'all to get on the superset train immediately. Now that you've been given the ultimate education, we have no doubt you'll begin to see positive results in a matter of weeks! When it comes to fitness, it's all about working smarter, not harder.

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