The Origin Behind That Tiny Pocket Inside Of Your Jeans Is Actually Badass AF

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We're pretty sure that most of you haven't lost any sleep over wondering WTF the tiny pocket inside of your jeans is for, but, hey! We're going to tell you anyway. Why? Because despite the fact you didn't give a sh*t up until this moment, we bet you're dying to know now. Don't be ashamed, it's human nature to want to fill your brain with useless knowledge as a means of dulling the boredom of reality — we're very optimistic around these parts, can you tell?

OK, so the fact that it was originally for cowboys to keep their pocket watches protected is actually pretty badass, we weren't lying to y'all in the headline (that's not our style). If anything, it makes us want to go out right now and buy a pocket watch (and stetson) just to channel our inner Western macho man. On the real though, nobody carries a freakin' pocket watch anymore. So, what else can you fit in there? The video pictured a few solid options. Here's a few more:

Alright, guys. Glad we were able to teach you something today. We hope this was more entertaining than whatever BS responsibility you're being forced to do at the office — in the event you happen to be an open heart surgeon, shame on you for reading this mindless nonsense!

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