This Flowchart Will Tell You What Movie To Watch On Netflix Based Entirely On Your Mood

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It's the question that has plagued us many three-day weekends and late sleepless nights while stoically browsing Netflix, "What movie should I watch?" Although it's the most popular streaming site and has, like, a bajillion users (we're guesstimating), its catalog is always weirdly lacking. And with titles coming and going every month and studios constantly pulling their films from the site, sometimes it really does feel like there's just nothing on.

We know how much it sucks having to browse through Netflix, looking at title after title, growing more and more frustrated at the pestering thought of, "What Netflix movie should I watch?!" The site's shoddy "rating" system can hardly be trusted, plus Netflix has a habit of "hiding" a lot of great content that goes unnoticed unless you were specifically searching for it — making it even harder to find a great movie to watch.

Fortunately, your first world problems stop here. We created a "what to watch on Netflix" flowchart to help you finally pick that movie you've been searching for. If you're unfamiliar with flowcharts, think of it as a "what to watch on Netflix" quiz and we promise it will be the best damn, "What movie do I want to watch" quiz you'll ever come across.

Simply pick your genre and follow the coordinated line color. And if you have no idea what you're in the mood for, we got you covered, too. For a brief synopsis of each movie featured in the chart, check out the list below.

For a fuller size, click here.

Sausage Party: Like Zootopia except for adults. Don't watch if you're sensitive to religion.

Train to Busan: The Korean version of Snakes on a Plane — with zombies!

Captain America: Civil War: The superhero blockbuster where Iron Man and Captain America get into a melee? Of course you've seen it, but it's always fun to watch again.

Ferris Beuller's Day Off: The classic John Hughes film about a bunch of kids who ditch school for a day. If you haven't seen it in a while, you're due for a rewatch.

The Imposter: A true-life documentary about a criminal who pretended to be someone else because the family might have covered up the death of their son — listen, just watch it, OK?

Beasts of No Nation: A depressing flick about how child soldiers are created. Bloody.

Headhunters: A sleek thriller featuring Game of Thrones' Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

Tommy Boy: The classic Chris Farley/David Spade buddy movie that never gets old.

Cowspiracy: A documentary about how farming is killing the world.

Poverty Inc.: A documentary about how charities are killing the world.

The Invitation: A moody horror film about a bunch of guests who show up at a strange dinner party.

Hush: A deaf woman is the victim of a home invasion.

Heavyweights: A silly comedy with Ben Stiller about a bunch of kids at an overweight camp. Classic.

Sharknado: Well, a tornado and a shark both loved each other very much and...

Zodiac: David Fincher's gritty crime film about the Zodiac killer who terrorized everyone back in the '70s.

White God: A film where a bunch of dogs take over a Hungarian town. Don't watch if you don't like seeing animals get hurt.

The Overnighters: An awesome documentary about the North Dakota oil boom. The less we say, the better.

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