New Website Called Flixable Just Made Selecting Your Favorite Netflix Shows Easier Than Blinking

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It's no secret that people struggle mightily with what Netflix show to watch when they're going through all of the options as they simply try to Netflix and chill to waste away their night. And, for all you people who can't seem to get a damn grip on adding things to your queue or impulsively deciding what to watch, a new website called Flixable is here to absolutely make things simpler.

As we all impatiently await the new Netflix shows and movies to come in February, we're still just trying to manage all of the various titles from January, 2018 still, but always find ourselves just scrolling for hours. What Flixable does is make it a hell of a lot easier to filter and search for the Netflix content that you actually care about, leaving out those options that have no relevance to you. Plus, talk about nailing it with the name, right? It's about as perfect as calling a place that sells just cheeseburgers, "A Place That Sells Just Cheeseburgers."


Anyway, here's how Flixable works to help decide what Netflix show to watch. Acting as a Netflix search engine, the website offers a "complete searchable and browsable list of all the movies and TV shows that are currently streaming on Netflix in the U.S.," per its website. Flixable then gives users the options to filter by either TV show or movie, genre, release year and even IMDb rating. Guys, this is the savior we've all been looking for!

So how did such a (potentially) revolutionary concept come to be? The creator of Flixable, Ville Salminen, who also co-founded the streaming news site Cordcutting, told The Daily Dot that, after coming across a Reddit thread about Netflix's difficult search function, he wanted to do something to help alleviate the problem everyone seems to have when trying to decide what Netflix show to watch, per Daily Dot.

Creator Ville Salminen, who also co-founded the streaming news site Cordcutting, says the goal was “to build a site that would make it easier for Netflix subscribers to choose what to watch on a movie night.” He says a recent Reddit post about Netflix’s myopic search function and stale presentation proved there was a demand for this kind of resource.

Salminen also created a similar website called AllFlicks in 2014, which helped catalog Netflix user ratings and analyzed the data to reveal trends for movies and actors/actresses to help filter popular results. In essence, this guy is making Netflix so much more user-friendly that the company should really just hire him — and we should all applaud him, because he's a genius for developing this stuff.

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