What Shoes To Wear With Black Jeans (Yes, This Is Important, Guys)

I recognize that fashion and style aren't huge selling points among the male populous, but that doesn't mean you can write them off as unnecessary. Trying to get a date? Land a job? Convince your mother that you aren't in fact, having a mid-life crisis? It's best to start with your appearance. Superficial? You bet! But that's life, my friends. Your clothing speaks to people before you even open your mouth. If anything, this should come as a relief to some of you. Why rely on your potentially fading wit and charm, when you can just throw on a dashing pair of black jeans paired with perfect shoes and look like a modern day Don Draper in the cut.

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Of course, there are a few key factors at play when it comes to shoe/black jean pairings. Not all black jeans are cut from the same cloth—literally. The cut of your jeans is very much the focal point when deciding what shoes to wear. For the purposes of this article, we'll be focusing on that. The occasion you're attending is far less concerning, because frankly, nowadays there's no such thing as an appropriate status quo of dress—unless you're at a country club in Connecticut, for example.

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I'm a big fan of measuring things in threes. It's a magic number in literature, so let's keep it that way with fashion. We'll be discussing what shoes to pair with skinny black jeans, baggy black jeans, and slim fit black jeans.

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Formal Option

Boot Option

Sneaker Option

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Slim Fit

Sneaker Option

Boot Option


Sneaker Option

Boot Option

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