One Man Has Won Tinder With This Incredible Way Of Getting A Phone Number

Some of us suck at Tinder. You might just fire off a "yo" into the Internet and await a response, but no more. Now, someone has come up with an incredible Tinder conversation opener that, as far as we can tell, is pretty friggin' successful.

All you have to do is play truth or dare. If they answer "truth", ask them to give you their phone number. They answered "dare"? Guess what, dare them to give you their number.

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Clever, no? It helps if you're pretty smooth, too. Like this dude was...


Now, we get it, not everyone has the balls to pull off a stunt like this, but, in the words of Michael Jordan, "you miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take," so why not just go for it? What's the worst that will happen — other than her unmatching you or just blatantly calling you out and telling you to slow the hell down? That's harmless.

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If you're not strong with words, maybe you follow the lead of this dude named Dustin, who made his profile so honest that it went viral for all the right reasons.

That's pretty good, man.

Whatever tickles your fancy when it comes to trying to get a bunch of matches on Tinder — or any other of the dating apps out there, because there are plenty —just remember that there are a few rules (according to women) that no man should break... unless he's looking to waste time and not end up landing any dates.

Happy swiping, fellas!

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