What To Text A Girl: The Major Dos And Don'ts Every Man Should Be Aware Of

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From too many smiley faces to the occasional misspelled word, knowing what to text a girl can be more challenging for some guys than it needs to be. Sure, talking to a girl is simple, but when emotions are taken out and just words and emojis are used, things can get lost in translation pretty quickly.

That's why we put together a few dos and don'ts we've learned along the way from speaking to girls, who are more knowledgeable about love — and erm, really anything else you can think of in the way of human interaction. So, pay attention, practice what we preach, and you may not come off as a total weirdo, perv, or otherwise salacious individual.

1. DO: Send Random Funny Pictures And GIFs

2. DO: Re-Read Your Texts Before You Send Them

3. DO: Text To Set Up A First Date

4. DO: Make Fun Of Her Overuse Of Abbreviations

5. DO: Respond Within An Hour

6. DON’T: Text Under The Influence

7. DO: Recognize When You're In The Friend-Zone

8. DON’T: Send Vague Text Messages About Meeting Up

9. DON’T: Text Your Ex

In addition to these useful dos and don'ts we thought it best to also address some other questions you guys may have surrounding how to text a girl. After all, not every girl you're texting is going to be a girl you already know.

What To Text A Girl You Just Met

This can be a bit tricky and definitely needs to be well-thought out before making any sort of move. Your best bet? Just say, "Hello". The more you overthink the first move, the more difficult the subsequent moves will be. The conversation should flow casually and simply — no pressure, guys.

What To Text A Girl Who Stopped Responding

In a word? DON'T. If a girl stops texting you, it's for a reason. You can follow up with a question mark or, "Hey, where'd you go?" but that's it! Don't over-text or you'll look desperate. Even worse, you might look creepy and that's basically game over for any potential relationship.

What To Text A Girl After Getting Her Number

Similarly to send the first text, this too, can be tricky. If a girl is giving you her number, it means she wants you to contact her. Our advice? Simply text her your name with a quick smiley face. It's warm enough that it has the potential to lead to more and casual enough that if she was just giving you her number to be nice — she doesn't feel pressured to start a whole long thing.

That's about the gist of it, guys! Be sure to take it slow, never overthink things and at the end of the day...just be yourself! Picking up social cues in person is the same as picking up social cues through text — technology is not the enemy here! Embrace new tech and hit it out the park.

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