What Men Should Wear On A First Date (From A Personal Stylist Who Wants You To Look Your Best)


Firsts are a big thing. Your first kiss. Your first time. Your first car. First night in jail. The list can go on and on, because, with firsts, you’re always going to remember them. And whether you’re in a long-term relationship or just getting the love game started, she is ALWAYS going to remember what you wore on the first date. And your girl's first-date impression of you is going to be braised into her skull until the end of time.

I remembered what my boyfriend wore on our first date: button-down shirt, dark jeans, and a peacoat. My first thought was that he obviously put effort into his appearance, thus E=mc2 … he cares about this date! About me! His no-fail, laid-back but put-together look was executed perfectly, according to a social study conducted by another man!

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We scoured Reddit to find someone else’s answer to our question and found the suave and well-dressed gentle sir, Peter Nguyen, a menswear designer from NYC with over ten years experience of making men look really, really, really good-looking. He’s also a private stylist and founder of The Essential Man blog.

But before we begin, Peter gets pretty frank in his blog post, stating the absolute fact that we ALL suffer from a concept called “thin slicing,” which is basically making judgements based on information we’re given, or, more appropriate to this article, what we see! If a girl sees a guy dressed liked a slob, she's gonna THINK he’s a slob, right down to his slobbish soul.

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Peter gathered over 101 responses from women of all backgrounds, ages, professions, etc. from New York City to Sydney. They averaged to be 28 years old; 42 percent single and 29 percent married. And the results are so outstanding, this article literally wrote itself and you’ll now know WHAT WOMEN WANT … when it comes to how you dress for a first date, heck, every damn day you want to coexist with them.

Your Outfit Doesn’t Have To Be Designer

You do you. And you wear what represents your style. If you want to be taken seriously, dress the part. If you want to be taken for a fool, dress like one. But you don’t have to walk around in Chanel or Gucci to make an impression. So it's okay to borrow your friend's label-free shirt if and only if it looks decent enough to wear on a date.

It’s All About The Fit

Peter says that wearing clothes that fit your particular body type will solve 90 percent of your style problems. Makes sense. Never wear big or baggy clothes just to feel comfortable. Bigger clothes regardless of your frame will make you look fatter, shorter, sloppier, and more like your father.

Match Mens Slim-Tapered Flat-Front Casual Pants — $29.99

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Lose The T-Shirt And Choose The Button-Up/Button-Down, Collared Shirt (Whatever You Call It)

The proof is in the statistics. Peter found that 60.2% of women LOVED seeing their date show up in a button-up collared shirt. The T-shirt is great for the seventh date, but if you want to make an effort on the first, go with the button-up shirt.

Dockers Men’s Oxford Long Sleeve Button Front Shirt — $56.23

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Calvin Klein Men's Infinite Cool Check Button Down Shirt — $20.99

Wrangler Authentics Men’s Long Sleeve Canvas Shirt — $19.99

Boot Up!

Surprisingly enough, Peter's gaggle of gals didn’t seem to think about their date’s shoes all too much; 34% supported a fella with a “nice pair of boots.”

Metrocharm Men's Lace Up Cap Toe Dress Ankle Chukka Boots — $49.99

This is basically a shoe you can wear anywhere, and we mean anywhere. Dressy enough for drinks and casual enough for your new girl’s younger cousin’s birthday party at Pizza Hut.

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Leather Jackets (Need We Say More)

Leave your hoodie at home, because the leather jacket is the unsurprising winner when it comes to outerwear. It even beat out the tailored suit on a first date.

The Leather Factory Men's SWORD Black Genuine Lambskin Leather Biker Jacket — $154.99

Made of genuine lambskin leather, this leather jacket will have you realizing why your girl spends so much $$$ on designer handbags. Sometimes you just have to invest in quality.

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SIGGI Mens Thick Knitted Plaid/Striped 77" Long Winter Scarf Shawl 3 Patterns — $13.98

It’s soft and will keep you warm. Done and done. Never scratchy, you’ll look like a male model with this crazy-affordable scarf.

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Nautica Men's Striped Scarf — $24.17

RainScarf - The Only Fashion Scarf that Transforms to Waterproof! — $29.00

VANS — You Read That Right

Vans Unisex Old Skool Lite (Canvas) Skate Shoe — $63.70

Yes, you can still wear your Vans on a first date. Just make sure they're new.

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Match Men's Wool Blend Buttoned Top Coat — $42.99

This is my personal kryptonite — a well-fitted topcoat that makes any guy look like Daddy Warbucks in the best way possible.

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Kenneth Cole New York Men's 'Sport' Quartz Stainless Steel and Leather Dress Watch — $84.37

Trust us when we say that a nice watch will grab any gal's attention.

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More Watches We Like:

Szanto Men's SZ 1002 1000 Series Vintage-Inspired Military Field Watch — $129.38

Michael Kors Mens MK8550 — Paxton, $205.99


Alpine Swiss Men's Cotton 6 Pack Dress Socks Solid Ribbed Argyle — $9.99

Men, you should know that certain shoes require certain socks. Dress shoes call for thin polyester-blend socks; boots can handle socks made of thicker cotton; and VANS sell their own socks so you don't see them awkwardly poking out.

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