The 8 Things No Man Should Be Caught Dead Wearing At The Gym

Guys, we know the gym is the last place that you want to concern yourself with style, but, seriously, you should still be dressing to impress — or at the very least, not working out like you got dressed in the dark. Instead of engaging in a long game of trial and error whereupon you inevitably receive a decent amount of dirty looks and giggles from other gym goers, why not just listen to our brief, albeit effective guide, on what to wear to the gym?

Instead of throwing a boring list of gym apparel your way, we decided to would be best to do a sort of gym style guide in reverse. Below you'll find some major fashion faux pas we've seen around the gym over the years — man, we're getting the chills just thinking about it. What we can assure from this list is that so long as you never, ever repeat any of the ensembles/accessories below, you'll be fine! Yep, it's really that simple. If you choose to completely ignore our advice, well, let's just say you will not be meeting your future wife during a workout.

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For the full list of sh*t you should never (and we mean, never) wear to the gym, keep scrolling!