This Is What Women Think About Most While 'Taking Care Of Themselves', Survey Says

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I don't want to be presumptuous here, but I'm going to take a wild guess and say that most men have wondered what women masturbate to. Ironically enough, I'm sure some men even masturbate to the idea of women masturbating. It's one big, lonely, self-serving cycle of masturbatory pursuits. I'm sorry for how many times I've said masturbate. I'll try and stop now, but given that it's the topic of the article it may prove difficult. Unless I start using cringe-worthy slang like "polishing the pearl."

Anyway, you don't have to wonder any longer thanks to one of the world's largest sex toy retailers, LoveHoney, conducting a study of almost 4,500 respondents to see what goes on inside a woman's head, when she's getting off!

I hate to break it to ya fellas, but it turns out men and women are a lot more alike in the mental diddling department than we previously thought. According to Playboy—"the most common fantasy among both were sexual situations involving their current partner, accounting for 69 percent of men and 60 percent of women."

69 percent of men masturbate to the idea of their current partner?! That's FAR more shocking than the 60 percent of women, if you ask me. I was always under the impression most dudes just mainlined senseless and unrealistic pornography. However, both stat percentages are actually kind of sweet—in a weird, twisted sort of way.

The next results go from sweet to uh, terrifying. Coming in a hot at number two is— "a fantasy that involves a sexual encounter with an ex (men: 58 percent; women: 48 percent). Coming in third was erotica seen online or through a mobile device (men: 57 percent; women: 43 percent) and the final two, roleplay and BDSM, each accounted for roughly 30 percent between the genders.


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