Women Reveal Their 10 Biggest Motivators For Getting Down And Dirty

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As we've stated many times before, when it comes to women, men, and sex—apples and oranges isn't a solid enough analogy. If anything, it's more like apples and burritos. Both food, but absolutely nowhere in the same realm.

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This has never been more apparent than when it comes to women revealing their greatest sexual motivators. For those of you reading who may be of the male persuasion. A sexual motivator is the REASON you have sex. That's particularly bewildering to most dudes as the ONLY reason to have sex for them is well, because it feels good, duh!

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With women, the reasons are far more complex! That shouldn't exactly come as a surprise, but still, it's interesting to actually see it laid out. If nothing else, it's beneficial for men to understand the dynamics associated with women and arousal. Ya dig?

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According to The Daily Star—"Scientists at the University of Ottawa asked 510 young heterosexual women to rank the reasons they indulged in straight sex, gay sex, casual sex or sex with a partner."

We appreciate the inclusivity, Ottawa! Straight sex isn't the only sort of sex in the world! Kudos to you guys for recognizing that!

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The results ranged from physically-driven to emotionally-based and everything in-between! These are the top 10 reasons women have sex, take a look!

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