Drugs Are Bad (Unless They're Good)

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Look, drugs are harmful — no matter what you want to believe. Some of you guys may know what it's like to dip your toes into the strange drug abyss, though. Others might have even ventured into an induced spiritual journey. Shit, some of you may have (unfortunately) even free fallen down the rabbit hole. Whatever the case, when it comes to drugs, there are a lot of misconceptions.


Now, I'm not speaking from personal experience — I would never!) — just consider me a mediator of sorts. The voice of an outsider. Speaking on behalf of a close friend. This friend, well, maybe he's experimented more than a few times. Shit, he might be high right now! This friend's a wild one. But, to break the first myth, just because a person dabbles doesn't makes him/her an addict. Simply put, it's someone who wants to experience something outside of themselves. But, like anything stimulating, there are some who have some horror stories when using drugs.

The most common miss conception is that drugs and success don't mix. False. I know investment bankers who make million dollar transactions by day and shove a rolled up single in their nose by night. Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs has accredited some of the most revolutionary pieces of tech in the 21st century to visions he had while high out of his mind on acid. It's just false, but there are reasons we're all raised to fear drugs — you know, like this image in our minds.


My friend likes to compare doing drugs to techno. Yeah, that shit kind of sucks, but take enough ecstasy and a person can literally feel each beat crawl up their spine. Snort enough ketamine and lay down, that hovering feeling is normal. There are monks who've dedicated their life to achieve this level of existential mental control, and then there are those who grab some kitty from the sketchy kid down the block everyone calls Sal and they achieve that same feeling. At the end of the day, life's about experiences and some are more surreal than others.

But the fear, the illegality, it all comes back to control. The government can't have free thinkers. It wants sheep. It wants quiet little zombies who watch TV, work a 9-to-5, go to sleep at bed time and wake up limp to a new day. The problem with people who use drugs is, sometimes, they become addicts. But, sometimes, they figure out something that breaks the status quo — a far more egregious crime.


If this was really about health, then cigarettes would be a category 4 drug, along with alcohol, and big pharma would severely have to reevaluate opioid and stimulant prescriptions. Instead, these companies have sales reps who want doctors overprescribing and the world hooked on something.

There are literally millions of people who, sadly, get hooked on drugs each year, with millions of them starting due to some doctor prescribing them something too strong, too numbing and too fulfilling. But, if you're sedated, you're the best type of sheep.

Weird parallels, huh? This is just the tip of the iceberg. Then again, what do I know, I heard this all from a friend...

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