Oscar Nominated Films Available To Stream In February, 2018

For those of you behind on The Oscar nomination buzz, no worries! We've got you covered. With The Academy Awards just a little less than a month away, we thought it best to tell you where you can watch Oscar nominated movies this month! Now, the films we included in the gallery below (with pictures) are only those available to stream via Amazon Prime, HBO Go, and Netflix. That said, we'll also be listing some films you can buy or rent on iTunes and Amazon. We were going to leave those off, just 'cause who wants to spend money on movies on top of paying for streaming services? But, hey! If you really want to be knowledgeable this award season, that's your prerogative, not ours.

Oscar Nominated Movies Available to Rent/Buy

OK, guys, now for the good stuff! You know, the stuff you can watch immediately without paying money. A special shoutout to those of you who don't even pay for their own Netflix, HBO Go, or Amazon Prime subscriptions and just leech off their parents/girlfriends! You're the real MVPs.


Lead Image Via YouTube/Universal Pictures

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