Which British Breakfast Is King?

FHM sets out with Sam Ashton-Booth, sous chef at London's Michelin-starred Story restaurant to test the high street's best brekkie offerings...


Traditional full English
Price: £4.49
First impression
“Nicely presented on a lovely plate, it’s very inviting. If I were hungover right now, I’d be quite excited about eating it. Although being in a pub this early in the day would freak me out.”

“Mostly good: the sausage is great and has some kind of herb in it. The bacon is slightly dry but it’s relatively fresh and the egg is perfectly runny. The tomato is a bit raw but a lot of people don’t bother eating them anyway.”

FHM’s verdict
Britain’s leading pub chain gives you exactly what you’d expect from a proper breakfast. Despite its low cost, it doesn’t scrimp on quality. Eating it in a pub is bit awkward.




Ham and cheese croissant
Price: £2.84
First impression
“Surely it defeats the point of ordering a fluffy croissant just to squash it into becoming a toastie. Although, this one has been toasted very well…”

“Wow… this is incredibly dry. And surprisingly difficult to eat. It’s going everywhere. The ham tastes really cheap and watery.”

FHM’s verdict
So fragile that the whole thing explodes as you eat it. It leaves you looking like you’ve chowed down in a sawdust factory – and it tastes much the same. Poor effort from the world’s largest coffee house.




Bacon and egg McMuffin meal
Price: £3.40
First impression
“The bacon doesn’t look crispy enough but I’ll overlook that because of how nicely toasted the bun is, and the fact that the whole thing is warm.”

“The muffin is too thick but overall, it’s good. The tomato sauce could bring in a bit of moisture. The egg is great considering how weird it looks. Exactly what it needs to be.”

FHM’s verdict
A breakfast icon that’s instantly recognisable by everything from its scent to those ridiculous round eggs. When it comes to convenience, consistency and overall taste, the Golden Arches beats them all.

4/5. Winner!


Pret a Manger

Bacon and egg roll
Price: £2.80

First impression
“The bread is brilliant. It’s focaccia, I think. The bacon looks like it’s been cooked to a nice degree, it’s just a shame about the sad looking omelette hanging out of the side.”

“It’s mostly just bread really. Admittedly, it’s good bread but still, where’s the rest of my breakfast?”

FHM’s verdict
Not a terrible effort, but Pret should have probably spent more time making sure that the filling isn’t just ‘filler’ so that it matches up to the premium quality of the next level soft bread roll.




Breakfast mega melt
Price: £1.99

First impression
“Watching it being assembled was quite off-putting. It’s got sausage, bacon, cheese and an omelette in it, but it didn’t look very fresh, they should probably have made it out of sight. I guess it does look a lot better now that it’s toasted though.”

“The only positive characteristic to this is that it’s hot. This is genuinely unpleasant.”

FHM’s verdict
It’s less of a collection of tastes and more of a mismatch of textures. Not good.



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